Panex Puzzle

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The object is to exchange the two stacks of disks moving the magenta disks from the left peg to the right peg and the cyan disks from the right peg to the left peg. Moving one disk at a time you may place a disk on any peg that is not full. When a peg is full you will not be able to position a disk over it. This means that when the center peg is full you must remove a disk from it before you may make any other moves.

A peg may be full with as few as 2 disks on it. The reason that can happen and the reason this puzzle is fairly difficult is that only the 2 biggest disks can go all the way down to the bottom of a peg. All the other disks stop when they reach the level they started from (actually, so do the 2 biggest disks because they started on the bottom).

To move a disk, point to it and left click, if it can be moved it will “stick” to the cursor. Move the cursor over the peg where you want to put the disk and left click to drop the disk.

Press the Show Me button to see a solution run from start to finish. This does not continue from where you left off, but resets the stacks of disks and begins from the beginning.

You may make the puzzle more or less challenging by selecting a different number of disks then clicking the New Game button.

Here is a great source of information on the Panex Puzzle.

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